Operations and Shared Services

Up to date on TANRC's eOperations Prerequisites?

In order to access functions of eOperations that are not part of the eOperations Public Portal, you must install the TANRC Root Certificate and ensure proper operation of your TANRC AccrediCard if applicable. Make sure your computer is up to date to ensure uninterrupted access to TANRC's eOperations!

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Request Accrediation

Do you believe in our mission and want to join the community? You can review the Accreditation Agreement and even apply for certain endorsements online! We make it quick and easy, so join today!

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View RFPs

Want to see what opportunities we have available? Help us help our community today.

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Manage My Account

For existing contract holders with valid AccrediCards you can now manage your account and review your history with TANRC and its affiliates online.

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